California Prop 65 - FAQ

What is the prop 65 warning?

You’ve probably seen the warning on the back of some of our products and those of many others. It looks like this:

“This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, or birth defects or other reproductive harm.”


Does that mean something is wrong with your product?

It does not. We produce and sell high-quality products that meet state, federal and local safety laws.


Why do you include the label on products?

  • California law states that companies must add this warning if their products include any chemicals on California’s list of 850+ chemicals that may cause reproductive harm or cancer.
  • The label is considered a “reasonable warning” as regulated by California’s environmental protection agency.
  • Businesses that don’t include the warning on their products allow Californians to sue them.
  • Our products meet all federal, state and local safety laws.


What is proposition 65?

Passed by California voters in 1986, the “safe drinking water and toxic enforcement act of 1986” (or prop 65) requires the state to maintain a list of substances that may cause cancer or reproductive harm. You can learn more here.


Prop 65 requires businesses to warn consumers when:

  • They will be exposed to amounts more than one-thousandth of the amount that causes zero effect for reproductive toxins.
  • They will be exposed to amounts that would cause more than one case of cancer in 100,000, assuming daily exposure for a lifetime.
  • Prop 65 doesn’t regulate the amount of chemicals in products, nor does it prohibit the sale of any product. It simply requires notifying the consumer on packaging.


Our products meet all federal, state, and local safety laws.